Writing and editing

I have three decades of writing and editing experience. Whether it’s a couple of hundred words for a website or a few hundred pages in a book, I can craft lucid, engaging prose. In addition to offering meticulous copy editing that improves clarity, I provide higher-level guidance on issues such as structure, tone, and logic.

Photo, video, and drones

My reporting career began on the print side of the business, but after leaving newspapers I became a multimedia journalist. Whether it's photos or videos, I can capture my own material or edit the work of others. I'm also an FAA-certified drone pilot with many years of experience creating compelling photos and videos.

Data, research, and analysis

Before becoming a journalist, I was a social science researcher and gained experience in quantitative and qualitative methods. My master’s degree in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley and bachelor’s degree in Ethics, Politics, and Economics from Yale University equipped me with strong skills in data analysis and visualization.

Philanthropy and evaluation

Some of the world's largest charitable foundations have asked me to evaluate their grantmaking and provide guidance on future investments. I've used a mix of text, visuals, and other narrative tools to analyze successes and setbacks.

Web, WordPress, and Elementor

I use WordPress and Elementor to build blogs and websites like this one. Whatever the platform or channel, I know how to showcase multimedia assets and write engaging web copy.

Slides and presentations

I use my writing experience and visual sense to craft PowerPoint slides that are powerful and persuasive. I can add animation, narration, and other advanced features. I've also coached clients who will be making presentations and can provide constructive feedback.